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Hi everyone, been watching a week or two, and havent posted yet, just trying to learn anything I can.

I have my first small tank set up with tropical, its 70L.

I used to have tropicals when I was younger and thought they were awesome, and now I have kids, I thought I would share what I had when I grew up.

The tank has been running for 1 month, with fish in it for three weeks. I didnt really understand the nitrogen cycle or anything when I bought it, so I just let it settle and put a couple of fish in there to see how it went. Now I know, I wish I would have been more patient.

I have had 6 Albino Tiger Barbs in there, they have been in for the full 3 weeks, and seem to be rather happy.

There is also a small Golden Gourami, a common Bristlenose, and 2 Golden Mystery snails.

The Bigger one of the snails actually laid a clutch of eggs 2 days after I bought it, not sure what to do, but I wouldnt mind teaching the kids how it all works from eggs to snails, I think its a great lesson, but I also dont want an infestation.

Onto a couple of questions.

I know the Tiger Barbs are rather nippy, but have been told the Albinos are a little more placid. They have been with the Gourami two weeks, and they all just seem to mingle, noone chases anyone, and they all feed together. Im just wondering if I want to add one or two more fish, what can I add, and will it change the mood of the tank?

All the fish, bar the BN, seem to love to eat my plants, including pulling them out, and picking them to bits. Is this normal?

How often should I be checking the water parameters? I only bought a Master Test Kit on the weekend, and done a quick test. Im about to do another one, so Ill post up the findings of this second one in an hour or so.

The readings I got so far are:

PH: Between 7.8 - 8.0

Ammonia - 1ppm

Nitrate - 0ppm

Nitrite - 0-0.25ppm

KH - 161.1

GH - 304.3

I know the GH and PH are high, I will confirm that if its true in the test I do soon, but do they all seem ok? If not, what can I do to help it.

I do water changes every Saturday morning, and give the tank a clean, changing about 15% of the water each time.

Any help or info would be great.

Thanks, and sorry for the long first post.


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I have done another check of the water, and I dont think I done the KH and GH properly last time as I was a bit rushed, this is what I have this time:

PH: Between 7.8

Ammonia - 1ppm

Nitrate - 0ppm

Nitrite - 0ppm - I know this is impossible, just going off what the test kit is showing me

KH - 125.3

GH - 214.8

Seems a little better I guess.

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