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Pet City L-Number Availability - As requested!

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We have plenty of L-numbers - enough to for us to sigh on the inside whenever anyone calls to ask us what we have!

Peppermints $54

Reg Bristlenose - All sizes







L168 Butterfly








These are what I know I have off the top of my head. Pm me for prices - I will admit that some maybe expensive. We've got some beauties though, I love watching them!

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Nice list!

Any chance of getting a list of what wild caught fish and exotics you guys have in?



Well the discus are listed in another thread:

I also have Altum Perus and more coming this week - Yes I am aware that they are not Orinocos, but they are still Wild Caught

Wild Hatchets

Various Wild Tetras - Coffee, Swordtail

Wild Caught Blue Rams

Wild Moba

Wild Synodontis Multipuncs

As for exotic - (I have sold so many in a clearance this week)

Blue Phantom Plecos

Zeb Plecos (New bloodline)

Angelicus Pleco

Blue Eyed Longfin Bristlenose - new bloodline

Dorado Catfish

Giant Halfbeaks (Hujueta Gars)

X-Large Red Hooks

Redline Torpedos - and not the crap AI and Bay have - mine have the full red line and bright red fin lines

Giant Gourami

Datnoids - 5 bar and 7 bar

Amieti Killifish

Betta Brunei - Macrostoma

4 types of Bleeding Heart Tetras

Endler Hybrids

German Endler Pairs

Achilles Tang

Sohal Tang

Magnificent Foxface

Blackcap Gramma

Orchid Dotty

Atlantic Blue Tang

Blond Naso Tang


Leaf Scorpion fish - Yellow

Catalina Gobies

XL Dragon Wrasse

Coming soon -

A-Grade Fancy Goldfish


Christmas Tree Rock

Toxic Parancora


Wild Caught Apistos

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would be keen to know when tube worms come in :) they are fasinating to watch!

Me too! They should arrive from the NT on Friday - they are being collected as we speak. We've been trying for ages to get the black ones from WA and our diver there has said he has finally found a collection spot. Hopefully if the conditions are right we will be getting some soon.

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How much will the oscars be ? And if coming in Friday when will the be put up for sale ?


I won't know until they arrive - I never even look at the price when I pre-order if its something I have to have. They are released from quarantine on Thursday so yes they will be on sale from the moment I unpack their box. I will post the price when they arrive!

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Its the chrome/ silver looking one. I think its 3k+

That is correct! Brachyplatystoma flavicans - Dorado catfish and he is $3500.00 - and growing to be a monster by the day. He is just under a foot now and the fattest thing ever. Its funny to see him grab at food before the datnoids do.

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Its not often you meet a catfish so difficult to work out the name of. Fish base and planet catfish give conflicting details, as do lfs in different countries and supliers only add to the chaos. Basically its one of the big cats from this group Brachyplatystoma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . Here is one with a busted face

Brachyplatystoma Flavicans that shows off the incredible silver body colour and the tail tassel.

Now as I was saying these species get big.


The one in that pic is rousseauxii which is a name FREQUENTLY used in place of flavicans. Both are commonly called dorado in the trade as well.

Fishbase uses the name 'Zungaro zungaro' in place of 'Brachyplatystoma flavicans' altho just looking at the holotype pictures Thumbnails Summary its dam hard to see any resemblence to the juvie we have. But looking up Brachyplatystoma rousseauxii http://www.planetcatfish.com/images/full/pimelodidae/brachyplatystoma/rousseauxii/6.jpg pulls up a very similar looking fishy.

Heres a vid of one too

The most accurate info on ID of this fish as usual comes from the Germans.

When Grüße Rico tells me that this


is a Brachyplatystoma rousseauxi ( flavicans ) then I am inclined to believe him.

The links below show the guy we have,

Flusswelse « Amazon Predators

Brachyplatystoma flavicans alias Tiger Antenna catfish| Dorado :: Hippocampus Bildarchiv

Raubfische und Co. • Thema anzeigen - Bilderflut ,,Teil 7 - Cichlas ´´

Raubfische und Co. • Thema anzeigen - Mal wieder Bilder .... mit 50mm Festbrennweite

Catfish Page - Page 2

stunner, but knowing exactly which name is the 'right' one is difficult.

"Brachyplatystoma flavicans" seems to be the one used by those aquarists keeping them though.


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Hi, can you let me know the estimated size of said oscars.

Thank you, will see you friday ;)

7cm although I have been told 1 or 2 are around the 10cm mark. Only 10 are available and I have all 10 reserved to come to Pet City! How exciting. Also getting Wild Caught Tefe Red Few Spot Discus. Niiiiiice.

We shall see how long they last at the shop seeing as my discus biotope needs more fish...

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I was totally unaware you guys existed until you signed up to be a sponsor and I am so glad you did as after hearing all your list of stock and your passion for finding the harder to find fish that most shops will not stock I am coming in tomorrow, thursday or friday to check it out and I no doubt will be walking home with fish.

Keep up the good work with sourcing a wider range of fish for everyone :)

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Went into the store today, the L numbers and corydoras were to die for! Well run shop and BLOODY BUSY FOR A WEEKDAY!! Very busy staff by the looks of things and every single one of them were doing something to tanks which is always good to see! I was pleasantly surprised with the overall amount of stock and also quality. Not to mention the bloody marine section! WHOOOHOOO! If only I had marine that place would send me broke in no time haha.

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