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EOI 10-15cm Royal Degree Flowerhorn

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As title says it's an eoi

Currently I got this big fella in a 4x15x18 but he giving everyone a hard time so it's either new tank or sell so I wanna see what your thoughts are

Swing me an offer I may be persuaded to let him go if the the price is right.

Breed: Royal Degree Flowerhorn

Size: 10-15cm ( can get exact if needed )

Sex: Pretty sure male, Bump coming through.

Location: Boondall, Queensland

Price: Eoi

Pictures: NA, but if needed can msg or email them just PM me

Comments: Great looking fish, good temperament until recently decided to pick on my

smaller guys, eats pellets and bloodworms or anything you put in the tank. Will be sad to let him go, so it's not first in best dressed, I want him in a great home, who will not sell him straight away or any thing like that.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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