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EOI: FX5 - secondhand/as is

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Hey guys,

I got an FX5 off a friend a few motnhs ago, but it doesnt have the "taps" on the top (they just had big pipes attatched tot he filter outlets) so ive never used it and dont actually have any idea how to set it up or if it works etc?

Im only into marine keeping these days so never use it, i think it still has the sponges etc inside.

Just putting an EOI out there as i dont know what its worth?

"AS IS/Second Hand/Used conditon"

Pickup - 4575 Kawana.

Please make any $$$ offer or trade offer - either post in here or PM.

Thanks :) Nick.

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put up pictures as your mate might have killed it doing what he did to it and i personly wouldnt think it worth much in a un known condition if it doesnt go and its been dodged up in areas its only worth parts as whats been said auction it and at the end of the day if your mate gave it to ya what you got to loose personly id offer you $20 for the punt it might work (thats not a real offer just saying) remember someone might buy it travel to get it and it be completly stuffed dont have your hopes high

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To clear things up: I bought a bulk lot of stuff off my mate for a few hundred; i didnt want the FX5 but he wouldnt seperate so i had to buy the lot, and its just been sitting here for months now.

I think the main body and might be fine, just needs a new lid and a pair of taps, but im not sure. Will try get some pics later and see what i can figure out haha.

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