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What should i do with my tank?

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So i have recently set up a African tank with some peacocks hongi and electric yellows i did have intention to breed the hongi and electric yellows and tried to get 3 females to one male of both the hongi and yellows but it seems that they are all males... anyway in my haste i setup a 2 foot tank its roughly 50 litres as i figured if i got fry i wanted it to be rdy and have it all setup and cycled, but now it seems i wont need it for fry.

i guess i could just take the males back and try to get females but we have kinda got attached to the little buggers..

so what do you guys think i could do with this tank now, and making it into a sump is not an option i already have way to much filtration

it has a sponge filter in it and crushed coral for substrate so the ph is about 8.2 from memory i would like to put fish in it but i dont know what would go in a tank that small

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