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i need the following gone asap so please try not to stuff me around by not picking all of the items that are offered for sale.

here are whats left.

2 steel enamel bath tubs 400l and 600l approx

heaps of white sand ( from a 4x2x2)

heaps of rocks pieces and slates

heaps of driftwoods from 1 -7ft pieces some are hollow

1x4ft fluoro light with remote ballast

1x 5ft reflector (plastic type) light

FREE buckets and other bits and pieces

take all minus the driftwood for a CHEAP 100 bucks

or take em with all driftwood for a very cheap price of 250 bucks

NOTE: iam forced to relist some of the items from the previous sale as the buyer/ the buyer's buyer did not pick up all of the items as per agreement, and im not going to lose my bond money because of this.

if picked up this arvo you can have the lot for 200 bucks

PM here or call me on 0416 944 429 after 5pm

first in best dressed ( it means come here and gimme your money and take all your goods in the same day, cause if not they will go to the dump).


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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