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I'm currently on the hunt for some new substrate for my tank.

I really like the look of sand but I want something that's easier to clean so I've been searching for a nice fine gravel.

I found a small bag of AquaOne silica in black today but only in a 2kg bag. It also comes in a 5kg and 10kg but the store couldn't order any of the bigger sizes because it's not in their system. Its size is 1mm which will be good for my corys and other bottom dwellers.

Some of you may suggest just buying several smaller bags instead of searching for a bigger one, but I'm trying to save money and I know that there are bigger sizes so I will search for them!

There's one or two places in town that I haven't checked yet and I will do that after work tomorrow, but for now I'd like any advice on where I could find these larger bags or an alternative brand which offers a similar product.

Thanks in advance :)


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