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F.s 6x2x18 tanks

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Hi i ll be selling sum tanks there from my old set up i dont have the room to set them up at my new house (no shed )

all if not most of the stands are sold.. but i will ring my mate and see if he wants to sell any


TANKS 6ft x 2ft x18in high

i have 16 left these tanks are divided into 4

asking $95ea there the same as http://www.qldaf.com/forums/dry-goods-13/6ft-breeding-tanks-divided-into-4-only-%24100-each-51048/

but not painted or drilled

the asking price is ono on bulk buys 5+ but firm on single buys

no pics

pick up is free


tanks are at glass house but will bring them into my place or my brother house

no time wasters tank all hold water fine have been pulled down just after easter this year when i moved up here

if i dont like you or you have stuffed me around i wont sell to you simple as

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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