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Saum and bocourti.

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Is the Bocourti Female ? Looks like breeding colours have you had ant luck ?

Great pics as always Brent


Thanks mate. I wouldn't keep any females in this tank as it would be a recipe for disaster. He was the male from a bonded pair I came across. He has always shown pretty good colours. The colours down his side are pretty much the norm for him but the blue through the chin comes and goes as he sees fit.

Nice fish, as always! Just out of curiosity, what are you feeding them on?

Diet is mainly Hikari cichlid Gold and Masssivore. I am trying Bio-Gold in the mix to at present. Pellets make up at least 80% of what they eat. The rest is what ever I have at the time. Chopped raw prawns,meal worms, earthworms etc just to mix things up a little. A few house geckos when I can catch them. The jag and bocourti are quite fond of them.;)

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Thanks all.;)

I know you must get asked this all the time, but is their any aggro between any of the fish in that monster tank? Great pics also

You will always get the typical flare,bluff and chase here and there. It is general behavior for these types. You will also get those that just won't play nice no matter the size of tank but in general, the size does help some.

holy crap man, he's grown a tonne since the last time you posted pics.

What a kok he's getting!

How old is he?

aha! oops. Yes I did pick that up from flowerhorn talk.

So whats the difference?

They are the same thing as in a lump on the head but that is pretty much as far as it goes. Kok is a term that originated with the f/h boys and as such is not generally accepted with in the purist stables who use the term Nuchal hump. I personally use Nuchal hump no matter what fish I am referencing.
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