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FS dry goods

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ok guys im heading to bris n goldy this wkend so wanna get rid of all my excess fish gear, will put prices all neg send me offers i will say yah or nah, have no pics but can prob send some to phones if needed everything in good condition :)

3ft setup tank stained hood and stand with 2 3ft aqua one lights(white and blue) with aquanic 700 cannister filter $120

cannister filters, aqua one 1000 with media n everything $80, eheim 2213 with media etc $70 aqua nova 750 faulty tap $20 or free with both above

6.5ftx40cmx40cm sump 4chamber $120

growout system, 3 ibcs with 3 4ft tanks on top drain into tubs and all plumbing into 5ft 4chamber sump or can change for above sump (cost 700 to set up with $50 bulkheads in each ibc 80mm fittings :) awesome system $550

small square timber rack with 2 2ft tanks on top and a 2ft cube on the bottom $100

also have heaters and sponge filters and 8 outlet air pump to run either of the above 2 setups, will do deals on bulk buys $800 the lot

thats all i can think of atm, need to know by saturday arv if you want nething

0407611312 for fast response

cheers jeremy

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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