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Super large canister filter

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Super large canister filter. This canister hold 30L has a backwash system so you dont have to pull it apart to clean it. Has 3 extra large sponges and bio balls as media. 36 watt UV steralizer built in. Its a great filter to run on a bank of tanks or a large pond. Has new piping put on ready to be used for breeding aquarium set up.

$200.... trying to get back what i paid, i brought this not knowing about filters and this one is too big for my tank.

Pick up only due to its large size.


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I am really sorry I cant tell you anything more about this filter other than what is written... as that is the written ad from when i brought it, i didn't realise how big it was from the pics and my tank cabinet is a low line one and it just wont fit under the tank. I also later found out that it was way too big and is an overkill for the size of my tank. The bloke i brought it from has sent me a page full of instructions on how to set it up and how to use it as i am completely new to aquarium keeping, I just thought if i but a super big filter that would be good for anything... and it would if it fit... as you can turn the flow rate down he said. He also gave me a new spare UV bulb so that goes with it. From his instructions he was saying the pump to go on the filter is between a 6000lph to 8000lph.... but in all honesty i am a bit clueless in this filter department as after realising this one was too big I brought a different one... which i was then told was not adequate for my tank.... so now i have to sell these two so i can buy the right one.... which i will get someone to double check for me b4 i buy it this time.

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no I didn't get that far.... as soon as i realised i could not make it fit under the tank i stored it away.

But one of the forum members here has one... I was going to buy.... i think that second one should be 8,000???

6,000L/hr 60w 4.0M head height $140

8,00L/hr 80w 4.5M head height $150

here is the thread anyway


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