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FS: All-in-one 60L Saltwater tank

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I cant remember the model name sorry, but its aqua worlds all in one 60L saltwater tank.

4 Chambers in the back, first one is the UV filter and foam (dont no if it works, plugs in, but never new what it did), second chamber is the inbuilt protein skimmer, third is the heater (it has broken thanks to my son...But will include another) and i put some liverock in there, forth chamber is empty but I put in another protein skimmer in there which I will include.

It uses 2 PC T5lights, so 4 globes, I think it has 2 whites and 2 blues. One PC is blown so you will need to buy another one. Also in the hood is 2 fans to suck out heat from the lights and 2 LED moonlights.

Was a great nano, had 2 clowns, couple smaller fish and corral succesfully until I upgraded. Has just been sitting here. Glass is in good condition, no leaks. Top of stand is a little water damaged but not to bad.

Will include a couple handfulls of live rock to put in the back chambers for whoever wins from my 3ft tank. Also I have plenty of sand you can have to put into the tank.

Chasing $275-$300. Pick up Toowoomba, pm or text me on 0413 580 012




This is a picture my wife took of the clown in the nano:


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