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how to freight fish

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i was requested by the buyer to freight my angels from qld to Taree, NSW, but i never freight fish before so just wondering is there anyone have experiences of freighting fish on plane,who can tell me more about it and how to finds out cost of the freight etc...



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Here's a little bit more info straight from the AAE depot.

The reason the fish must be in airline approved perishable seafood boxes with the fish logo embossed in the lid is if any saltwater fish are sent in the boxes the special polyfoam does not leech salt out of the box and into the cargo hold of the plane. This rots the hold and is very costly for the airline to fix. Anyone can be asked are they fresh or saltwater fish in the ordinary boxes but many do lie about it so its one rule for all.

If you want to buy the boxes, Polyfoam at Tingalpa has the smaller boxes MB5 390mm x 290mm x 20mm for $2.25 per box plus GST in bags of 12. They also have the larger ones in 4 to a bag. They have a website polyfoam.com.au

I should add how they calculate freight rates. It goes on box dimensions and weight, hense wanting the smaller boxes myself. I sent one from Bris to Sydney yesterday for $41.

Make sure they charge for "perishables"!!!! I had one chick try to send them as livestock for $94.50! I got her to ask her boss. Came back yup only $41. :D

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