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Why do BN kick eggs?

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I haven't personally seen my male do it.

They are in a display tank and the log they breed in has it's opening pointing up at about a 20-25 degree angle, this was done buy peacock excavation not me lol, but I reckon thats why when they breed no eggs are kicked or fall out...

But still begs the question why do they kick em out?

Is it just accidental or ? Just curious is all....

stuck my waterproof camera in the tank and got his shot of em, kinda cute huh :)


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its something i my self have been coming to grips with over the last few months

after the second time one of my males kicked i swapped him out and that male kicked so i swapped him out and the third male did the same !

changed caves from med to small logs , still kicked

changed from round to d logs ,still kicked

changed to rectangle caves made out of tiles , still kicked

cut a round cave in half and roughed it up with a cup brush and glued back together , still kicked

moved logs to backs of tanks , no lights , still kicked

GAVE UP , now just tumble kicked eggs

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try angling the log like in the pic so eggs stay at bottom of log?

I cant tell if any would be kicked out in my tank as there are plenty of other fish in there that would quickly snap them up...

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No caves in mine just a pice of driftwood for them to chomp on, and they bred. I wasn't even expecting it as there's 27 in a 3footer growing out..............just found the babies swimming around a couple of weeks ago. if I'd tried to breed 'em, I'd probably fail..go figure??

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I just had my BN spawn their first lot of eggs and the male kicked heaps of chunks of eggs off. He just flapped his tail fin so hard he knocked them off in a dozen at a time clumps.

I was just about to go in and save them (into fry net) when mum BN came along from the other side of the tank and landed her dam mouth straight on them and the next thing I know, they are gone!! All eaten!! I couldn't believe it!!

I didn't know that the mum could/would do this and I was so pi**ed off with her.

Mine too laid o the side of some driftwood and I didn't ever plan on breeding them, so it came as a nice surprise.

They have all hatched now and gone into hiding, I think they are all round the back of the driftwood where I can't see.

Dad didn't do a great job on his first batch and he left them all as soon as they started hatching, so they are fending for themselves at the moment.

I reckon I would have had at least 30 hatch out from last head count, so we shall have to wait and see.

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