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fs - 4ft tank, stainless steel stand + bits

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Hey guys

I have a tank for sale including the following,

- 1 x 4ft x 15 x 18 tank, painted black on back with lids, some scratches

- 1 x Stainless steel stand to match tank (2 tier can have another tank under this one)

- 1 x otto canister filter, does the job!, tank comes with the gravell in it or dump it in my bin lol

- 1 x single point air pump

also as extras 1 x 2ft x 1ft wood stand very soild & 2ft light that came with it if you want them chucked in, need to move this on as i bought a 3 tier set up from Frontosa and im picking it up in the morning ! Garage will be full of stuff so need to make room!!

looking for $80 or sump media.

pm me your number for pics !

pick up saturday arvo or sunday morning early, or through the week .



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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