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Okey dokey

i got a large pair of these guys couple days ago to breed feeders , male around 20cm and fem around 15cm , dropped in a 3x2x18 with half a terracotta pot , temp @ 27 and ph 7.2

now today they have gone off their tucker and not even interested in feeders .

i can see any tube down on the female but the male is hearding her towards the half pot

Q- are these guys getting ready to donald duck ?

Q- if they lay eggs do i remove to another tank ?

have no bloody idea as americans aint my thing

cheers , jason

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Girlies will stop eating just before they do the deed.

Nah just leave them to do their thing. They will raise they fry really well with practice & will let them get to a good size before wanting to breed & start eating them all.

Good fish to have for feeders, they have huge batches.

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her tube is down and the big boy is trying to gently nudge her towards the half pot .one min he is trying to lip lock and she not interested , then she trys to lip lock and he shys away

lots of gill flairing , and they bot have a lot more red on their fins


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