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New 3ft : D

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hey everyone i purchased this awesome setup off of Nev and Paula yesterday and have got it half setup now just waiting on plants : )

so far it has 1 cukoo catfish, 2 royal whips and 60+cherry shrimp





thanks for looking guys

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nativecollecter: yeah im soo happy with it im really keen to get it planted up :) do you have any suggestions with what else to stock it with once its planted ?

ahimus: thanks mate :) and probs not lol i couldnt be bothered haha and yeah ive still got them :)

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bit of an update: i got a nice big clump of java moss off of goneself so now there is a bit more on the dw on the right and the twiggy bits on the left are more covered

also i got my plant package today (thank you liverpool aquariums) they are in great condition and already look good :)

i will post some pics when it gets dark so there is no reflections and stuff :)

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okay heres some pics i took tonight (really crap tbh) but yeah hope you's like : )





also guys tomorrow im planning on going to pick up a few rummynose tetra and 1 or 2 pearl gouramis from the lfs

making the stocklist

1 cuckoo cat

2 royal whips

heaps of cherries

1 or 2 pearl gouramis

and a school of rummynose

just wondering if i will be able to get a couple of apistos a little bit down the track with the rest of these fish?

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Looks like you got the same plants as me lol.

Mine have shot up, and ive only killed one of my plants aswell.

That little plant you have spread around i killed that one.

Looking good.

:i would only keep the apistos with the whips and tetras.

Also only a pair aswell

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yeah haha good value i reckon and hopefully i dont kill that plant haha hopefully it grows for me haha

and okay i might keep the gouramis till i get my P's then ill start looking for apistos :)

and thanks nev and paula i seriously love this setup and im so glad i got the cannister filter instead of running a big ugly internal filter lol

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