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Homemade tricks of the trade?

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question is what dont I DIY....

DIY Stand (3ft & 4ft)

DIY Cabinet (2ft)

DIY Discus Dinner

DIY Beananimal Overflow System & Sump.

DIY Hi-Powered CREE XPG LED Light Unit.

DIY 3D Sealed Cememt Background (3ft)

DIY Gravel Cleaner

DIY Surface Skimmer

DIY Co2 Reactor

DIY Co2 (yeast/sugar method)

DIY Co2 (vinegar/Bi-Carb method)

thats all that immediately comes to mind....theres probably more

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my discus diner is a variant of a well known receipe from a discus dedicated forum.

2kg lean beefheart

1kg Prawn (orange)

1kg green prawns - de-shell and de-vein all prawns

1kg of any white ocean fish fillets

1 cup frozen green peas

3 heaped tablespoon of Spirulina powder

half a cup of minced garlic

1 or 2 cups of good quality fish flake food

mix it all up, throw it through a mincer (not a food processor) 2 or 3 times, if you have left over cube trays from commercial frozen food, put some in there. otherwise put X amount in resealable Glad bags, roll flat & freeze. feed as required.

my DIY background



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could i service 2/3 tanks with it? Any obvious problems with this?

Undrilled tanks........... possibly IF you were willing to stand by the filter and fine tune it if it looked like one tank was recieving too much return water.

drilled tanks.......... if the filter was in the sump, then sure.

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Was just curious of what people make for their fish tank, if you have any nifty ideas you want to share please do. I would love to hear ways of saving money by creating things myself.

(such as homemade filters, backgrounds etc)

DIY can save you heaps of $$$. For me it is every thing from filter to the tank itself. See link for tank and filter build in my signature.

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