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footlong carp

question on aquis and aqua one canister filter

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Hello fellow fish lovers! I am new to this wonderful community and forum QLDAF, althow i have had fish b4 and succsefully have beutifull electric yellows and stevni tigers breeding a while back i have decided to get back into it .......with the go ahead from the boss!! i am setting up 4x2x2 chiclids and soon a 3x2x2 for a grow out tank, i would like to get my hands on some prime yellows soon!!

I have a question on canister filters, as i have always have sump/ wet and dry filters.

I have three filters each have three baskets,what would be the best configuration of media to put in eg: were to put the ring, lrg sponge sml spong and bio balls? can anyone help please?

cheers !

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water from your tank will be delivered to the bottom of the canister. so you need to build your layers from the bottom up.

bottom basket

first you need your sponges. start with a course sponge and then a medium sponge.

middle basket

put your bio-media in there. use ceramic rings or seachem matrix. do not use bioballs...they are inferior... offering very little surface area for the bacterias to colonise. 1L of seachem matrix = 170L of bioballs.

top basket

put fine sponge or fine filter wool here. also if you use purigen or macropore (a better purigen alternative) put that in this basket aswell.

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you can use them... but think of it this way.

if you fill that section with all ceramic rings, the filters ability to handle the waste load will be higher than if you had bioballs in there wasting space.

the better the biomedia...the better bioload it can take.....the more fish you can have (up to a point).

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