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Fishroom build! :)

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Hi all,

I owe it to some people to put up a couple of pics of my new setup. Long story short, i got back into fish after a 5yr break and have since been 'infected' with multiple tank syndrome (not that i'm complaining). At first i was going to be happy with 6 tanks on a sumped system plus a display tank. And i believe i could have been happy with that, except once i hooked up all of the tanks they made a bit too much noise for the gf so i've had to move downstairs... more room more tanks!!

I bought some pallet racking from ID Industries and started to fill out the space. Thanks to this site i met Cram who was selling up a few tanks which i gladly picked up, and at the same time i picked his brains for different ways to manage water conditions. thanks Cram!

I've also been out to and around the countryside buying tanks, which i have discovered, is probably one of the best facets of any hobby :)

So on with tanks, as you can see its a 2 tier rack measuring 2.6m long and 600mm wide. On the bottom tier i will have 2 6x2x2 and 2 2x2x2, and on top i have 2 4x2x18, 2 2.5x2x18, and 2 1x2x18. right now they r hooked up with a single 90mm pipe that has junctions to pick up the overflow from the tanks, and the water is returned to the tanks via a combination of 40mm pvc and 25mm irrigation pipe. I also have an 80L/hr air pump running a sponge filter in each tank and 2 in each 6x2.



Pretty pleased with it so far, and wouldn't be where it is now if it wasn't for Bones80 and the advice of people on this forum so a big thanks to all, and also Grum :D

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Looking good. I love the whole designing and building part of a project like this. I see it as a challenge to conquer.

This being the reason my fish room is under an expansion as we speak. But this is the last one other wise it will be just me and the fishes (no Mrs , kids or dogs =( )

My advice is its all in the planing with pipe work and the like to make life easier.

Any questions just ask i did and it made my life easier with my build.


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Nice one! I think that designing and constructing is sometimes the best part!


hmmm not sure about the constructing part, it tends to drag out. Esp if it includes construction and prep of the building/area. Lots to do and consider.

So is this a fish room yet of just a storage shelf for a few tanks.

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Lol, trofius! I have read all about your pain and wish you were closer so i could drop over and help you out with your plumbing..

it's got a few fish in it now, top racks are are all full and holding water :D Got the 2 6x2's full of water but got a bit of room for some more fish, when money allows :)

Having problems getting photos off my camera, will keep trying

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