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Just a few pics of ILLUSN's altums, stopped over today at Jothy's place with my brother, took a few snap's..

Not to Pleased with the overall result of the pics, but will be going back around once they are in the display tank, with a proper background lol

Altum's were abit camera shy today and were facing the opposite side most of the time LOL, LED's were on but weren't really visible as the natural light coming from the window behind the holding tank kinda killed it lol

you can kinda see the led's working in the background, reflecting the light on the side of the redback;s.

Didn't bring the flash out either as i couldn't be bothered building the diffuser, plus i dont think their would be enough headspace for the flash to fit in..

Was basically a quick point and shoot..





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sorry brissy, that looks like a common P. scalare

Pure P. Altums are an extremely rare and beautiful thing. they are the biggest of the genus with wild caught specimens being upto 50cms from top of dorsal fin to bottom of anal(?) fin. its quite common for them to reach 40cms in the aquarium.

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sorry, but is this an altum?


I got it the other day.

far from even peruvian scalare altums. The pictures i took are of my mates TRUE Tank bred Pterophyllum Orinoco Altums, the one you have is just a common scalare in the shop's, not a wild variety..

Oh and theres 2 bonded pairs in the group, their only 11inches tall and just about to reach sexual maturity, Red iris is starting to begin too, just needa fatten abit more up and hope for the best!

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