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Most awesome new forum has jsut opened !!!!

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Hey guys just letting you all know

One of the best forum of all time i have ever visited has been open for a month and has already started packing with amazing features !!! starting off they have a function of which ever image u post u get a credit , every post u make u get 1 credit , every thread u open gives you 2 credits , every milestone ( number of likes , posts , etc) u get a certain amount of credits. to make it better these credits can then be used as a form of CURRENCY!!! yeah thats right you can actually buy things of other members with your accumulated Credits .. even today i bought my first ever credit purchase !!! ( i got some Coral from a guy for as little as 30 credits!!! unbelievable and so easy to get!!

to make the site better every time u comment on a thread you automatically receive updates to the thread until u decide u don't want to anymore . no need to subscribe or bookmark threads ver again ( they still have this function for the old fashioned ...)

the also have a new PM system called conversation...

another amazing function of the site it the RADIO BROADCAST yes that right this site actually has its own radio that us the members ca choose whats played and have discussions about everything fish or whatever you want!!!!

the graphics and colour design is also incredible!! a lot nicer to look at then some other forums. this site also hopes to have competition to which u can win prizes such as photo and TOTM ( tank of the month )

We also have some of the best MASA Members on our site Moderating!!!

the list goes on for all the amazing and unique features this site has !!!

i could type all night about my love and passion for the site !!!

come now and join ' THE REEFUGE' the only place you need to visit to refuge.!!

Join now and post in the welcome/new members section that Reefin sent you each person who does will automatically receive 2 tokens each to get you started !!!!

this site is mainly Marine related however we have a lot of freshies in their to myself included!! thanks guys and please check this out become a founding member of this tremendous site these sort of sights don't just pop around every now and then!!!

ALSO ITS FREE!!!!!!!!!

thanks your sincerely



The Reefuge - Reefing Forums

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It has the most amazing carrots you have ver seen!!!

even the good ol fresh carrots hahaha

but serisiosly check it out its actually really

awesome i cant even express how much i like the site

it very unique and packed full of features :D

thanks and check it out everyone!!!

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A grand total of 114 members! Even though its only young if was any good it would have a much larger no. Of members. The guy that runs it has also been flogging it on masa and still not much interest. Enjoy it while you can tim. Mate you would be much better off paying $25 and joining masq.

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eventually it will become as popular as MASA is ahha

but yeah id just like to say sorry ive been told that

promoting other site on other forums is counted a spamming :/

i came on here as when i first started in fresh this was my to go

place for everything i ever needed :)

then i was told about masa...then became obsessed with marine

now ive joined a new forum in an attempt to make it popular

so my reasoning by telling all you guys about this was that maybe

through taking a look at the site you might two become obssesed as i have :)

the majoirty of the forum is marine and only about a month old which is quite good odds so far

should become very popular hahah :)

anyway sorry about spamming :/



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