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Shot of some peacocks.

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Just thinned out me main peacock colony. Removed about 200 fish lol, mostly smaller ones. Anyway you can now see water which is a change. Fish are a bit pale as they have been chased around for about 2 hours. Bloody mission!


ya can kinda see me main stud male in bottom right of that shot.

The pictures below show a few young males



Really liking this bloodline now, its throwing a lot of nice surprises.

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Half the rock is from my old marine setups. Bought as liverock for $12 to $18 per kg ( OUCH MAN! )

the other half I bought as 'base rock', or dried coral skeleton. Usually around $7 a kg or so.

Its only half as dense as 'texas holey rock' so works out a lot cheaper to do 6x2x2 tanks with, but you have to really hunt around to get nice bits.

Taken me many a year to build up me coral rock ornaments. Bought out a petshops supply that got hit by the floods for a bargain..... although it apparently wasnt a bargain to me lady when she found out lol.

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I like to try keep the ratio 1 male to 50 female. But it never hurts to have a few subdominant males as competition! Makes the old fella try a bit harder! Important to make sure they are nice though as if they get in a sneaky spawn its a few months before ya discover you have raised up averages...... something that has happened to me more than once lol.

Anyway just snapped a heap of shots, no good ones lol, but enough to make a collage. Need to get a sling hey, one handed shots with a wriggling baby in the other does not usually = quality photography.

A few of me current stud male.


and something I haven't put online before..... heres a shot of the next male from this bloodline I am raising up to take over.


he is still a baby but already showing all the traits I like, he had colour at under 2 inches.... hopefully young colour up is a genetic trait I can capture.

They share the tank with a few other species. The p.virgatus as usual were camera shy, but snapped a few of the brownea,


really like this bloodline as well, grabbed it from exotics before the flood.

and to finish off the polits.

Theres around 50 in there, at least 10 of those fully coloured up males.

Its very rare for a fight to involve less than 3 males and they are always fighting


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Holy crap! He is awesome man.

And that young fella is looking really good too. Starting to show some really nice colours and pattern even with the big guy in there.

Those polits sound a bit like the convict of africa... actually now that I think about it most mbuna are the convict of africa lol. Your guys looks great. I'll have to keep my eye out for some.

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Polits are the little guys, so they can go from white to brown in seconds. Being a little brown fish is handy when you fit in everything elses mouth lol

but they only have tiny batches of fry, you know 10 or so. Not really the fish you breed if you want a big payoff, but I like them. They are the only mbuna I am keeping as far as colonys go.

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