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f.s Ocean Nutrition Flakes

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ok sum have been opened but much taken out they are in 20lt buckets

im asking 1/3 the price we paid...... $0 a bucket

Ocean Nutrition Cichlid Omni flake x 1............. on hold

Ocean Nutrition Cichlid Vegi Flake x 2 ............ on hold .............phone call

Ocean Nutrition Spirulina Flake x 1............. on hold ............phone call

Ocean Nutrition Prime Reef Flake x 1

Ocean Nutrition Discus Flake x 2..............sold................. sold with tanks

Ocean Nutrition Community Formula Flake x 2 ..........1 x hold

so $70 a bucket 2 or more $60ea


pick up only or i can get the buckets droped off cost of petrol

$5 from ea sale goes to the site

ok i think there is 4.5-5kg

will need 24hrs to get it (well to get it out of the shed and back to the coast )

thanks thats it for all the foods

just remember $5ea bucket goes to QLDAF

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Just wondering if anyone has got there food or spoken with this bloke as I put three tubs of food on hold on tuesday offered to pay online and all I have pm'd him phoned and texted him on a number of times spoke to him twice at first got two phone numbers and not getting him if anyone has got there food or speaks to him please tell him to call Gavin as he wants to pick up his food thanks

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wow guy i have been in n.s.w for a couple of days (wed NITE -sat MORNING ) sorry i have been flat out with pulling the shed down pulling down tanks and my kids came over from newzealand and its the first time in 3 years i have seen them last min phone call saying there here .. So im sorry if i stood anyone up .. But back on the ball now

p.ms have been sent

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