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Hi All

My name is darren, and have just turned from keeping cichlids to starting to breed them.

My fish are:

Labidochromis Electric Yellow

Melanochromis Johanni

Metriaclima Lomdardoi

Metriaclima Msobo Magunga

Metriaclima Pulpican

Nimbochromis Venustus

Pseudotropheus Crabro

Red Peacock

Sciaenochromis Fryeri Eletric Blue

Pseudotropheus Demosoni

Tropheus Duboisi Maswa

Cobalt Blue

As i have said that i am only starting and have a few 5 foot tanks with these fish in them and i have seen the fry in the tanks. But have never got them out and have just left them in the big tanks

I have just bought a heap of 3 foot tanks which holds 162L. im thinking of putting breeding colonies of each fish into each on the 3 foot tanks, this will make it easier for me to take the holding female out to put in another tank.

As im new to this is this the best way for me to go as i am turning one of my spare rooms into a fish room.

Please help with advice on anything re setup of fish room and breeding of the fish i have.

The more i can learn from everyone in here the better it will be for my fish.

Thanks to all in advance

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Hey mate, glad your in caloundra need more locals as many members are quite far away and breeders are a fair drive for good fish!

only piece of advice is keep your species seperated and have different bloodlines in the breeding stock so you dont get deformities :)

Alot of members sell p/cm but depending on the species could be more/less. I will definetly be interested in how your breeding is going and definetly will be keen to see your setup/ what you have for sale.

btw, sumping your tanks seems to be the best method for keeping electricity bills down.


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yes the only fish i have breeding atm is eletric yellows. they are around 2cm now. and i have 3 females holding.

re the sump not sure how they work or are plumbed so im going to have to do some research on them.

once i have the room setup and going well i will let you know so you can have a look see

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