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Dry Good Sellout Fluval Eheim Caves Dacron Sponge Filters Coarse Sponge

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Hey Guys,

Offloading some more stuff...

Fluval 305 1000l/h

It's running at the moment. May need a new impeller cover and aqua stop but runs fine how it is. Impeller covers are about 6-8 bucks and aqua stops are about 12-14. Comes with media crushed coral bones, eheim substrat and noodles. Noodles are ceramic i think so probably need to be replaced.

80 bucks

Eheim Mech (Noodles)

Fancy that the person who buys the fluval can buy some new noodles if they want :D

2x 1L boxes just looked them up on the online shops they are about $20 ea without shipping

so $15ea or $25 for both


1 D shape

6 Ceramic M

1 Ceramic L

2 Slate single

1 Slate Double

2 Slate single with removable lid

1 Ceramic bowl cave thing

Not sure if someone wants to take the lot or split them up

Texas Holey Rock

2x medium pieces


Aqua One 100W Heater



new 1.5mx1mish


Coarse sponge

1mx60cm ish


Eggcrate brand new

600x1200 sheet same as Fishjunkies got it from FJ didn't use it

someone who doesn't want to drive to Chermie and save $2 :D


19 Pieces of flat slate can make caves out of them or use them as display look great and gives a flat surfaces for breeding on.

open to offers will no ship

Black 3mm fine gravel

30kg never used still in the bags in came in


Will update more things as I go. Pretty good on the PM's so hit me up there for questions what not.


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