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These are some photos of my

4x2x2 + 6x2x2 side by side on a 10foot stand.

much appreciation to mick and leanne at aquarium and petland southport for building my tanks and stands.

Gold Comps are stock from: Gyung.

Frontosa's are stock from: RazleDazel, Odins Fish, Darren and some other randoms.

F1 Blue Dolphins are stock from: Odins Fish

Let me know what u think. and let me know how i can improve!

sorry about the messyness of the tank need a good vac and water change, all fish where also feeding at time of the photos



Cheers SFJ.




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Nice setup and beautifully fish mate, i think you should run a sump for both setup instead of canister filters. Good luck

Cheers, Ryan

Thanks :) I would run a sump but the only problem is this is in my bedroom. So trying to sleep to the sounds of a sump would not be fun :(

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Nice one mate. Always love seeing more fronnie setups. Do your burundi get spooked easy? Just asking because i know mine do and they may get some eye damage off the rocks. They are a bit renowned for that.

But I have to say the rock work does look good mate :)


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