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who is the dad??

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Just thought i would also mention something funny:) I had a white fat molly who every fish in the tank would follow around at her bottom all day long eating whatever came out was a funny sight. Then i had 2 female mollys and one female platty ... well . i have molly and platty babies and the only males were guppys and ram and clown loaches... and they had 2 lots of babies for those that ask were they pregnant when i got them .... I didnt think fish interbred... My friend has the babies now and i am awaiting to see what they come out like when grown :egrin:

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Hi, thanks for that. That explains it. :-) You know at first i felt that the female guppies were so lucky the boys were so so beautiful.. but after watching for a month i realised the poor females getting chased all day by the "on heat" males .. my compassion for those poor little girls :)

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