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help needed with filtration of fish tank set up

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Hi all

Can anyone please help me with how to run a sump for my tank set up

i have a 3 tier tank stand

there are 5 x 2 foot tanks on top

2 x 3 foot and 2 x 2 foot in the middle and bottom

all up there are 13 tanks

i dont have a clue on how to plumb or what i will need

can anyone help me please

none of the tanks are drilled

Thanks darren

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i'm in the middle of building something similar at the moment, although not as big,

I have used 19mm returns, 1 each for my 2 footers, 2 in my 5 footer, did the drilling myself with an experienced mate looking over my shoulder. Using the 19mm black irrigation poly for the lines, and got the tank bulkheads from a local hardware store. My local bunnings didn't have them. They are also known as barrel connectors by some stores.

also still trying to source some kind of strainer for them, to stop the smaller fish from getting down into the sump

for the inlet lines i'm going to also run the 19mm poly but will have a valve on each tank to limit/adjust the flow.

as for the sump, it's still a work in progress, I do have a 3ft tank for it, but it dosen't have the dividers/walls in it yet. I'm going to use, from inlet to outlet - Filter wool - dacron (or jap matting) - ceramic noodels - Bio balls - maybe some pond matrix or gravel - and then the heaters and pump. My setup will hold around 600lts of water, so i am looking, at a minimum, 3500 - 4500 lt/hour pump, or something similar. I've always been told to keep the pump at a level that would cycle roughly 5 - 8 times per hour. Also Double check the head height of the pump, especially with these higher stands. Some of the real cheap ones will only do 1.5m and as my stand is 2.2m high, with the top inlets sitting around 2meters, i need to be sure of the pump i get.

Hope this kinda helps, I'm new at this too but have found these forums to be a fantastic source of information and everybody is very helpful.


Ps: I fly home today for 2 weeks so will be hopefully finishing my setup very soon. Once i have it going i will be posting more pics up, and as the say a picture speaks a thousand words.

project so far:http://www.qldaf.com/forums/product-diy-technical-discussion-11/my-new-breeding-setup-build-51105/

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Hi tim

Thanks for the info.

As im very new to this im going to ask some prb stupid questions that will prob make me look very blonde.

first i have the sump tank its a 5 foot tank. not didvided as yet. does it matter what order i put the filter media in. as i was going to put the filter wool, bio balls then the ceramic noodles.

also if i put a heater in the sump tank will i still need to put a heater in all the tanks or will it be warm enough to pump through all the tanks.

What is a bulk head? i dont know a thing about plumbing

Also how does the water suck down into the sump. is it gravity fed or is it the use of the pump in the sump that creates the flow

Sorry if i sound blonde but i really dont have a clue and would rather ask and look stupid then to have water all over the fish room cause i have done something wrong

Thanks Darren

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