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if you want someone to pop over and give you a hand with something just say what your after and im sure someone will reply.....seems beer is a common draw card as payment lol

or if you want to have a look at someone elses set up again just ask and im sure someone will help you out :)

me down here in melbourne i dont have a fish community im involved in so i always visit my fish shops and grill them on info lol i must annoy them as i always want to know everything but they help me out anyway :)

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I do not know of a way to search but if you go to the top and just below FORUM and Whats New there is a bar and on it you will find Community - click on it and then there will be a drop down and select Groups and you can make a new Group and call it Gympie and Surrounding Area's and hopefully people will join and you will find people in your area.

You could also try in a new Post in General Discussions and title it Gympie and Surrounding Area's and hopefully again people may add to your thread.

If you do a post with something for free you will also get a lot of hits.

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