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Are these people for real?

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First up, let me say that all dealings that I have had via the forum, bar one, have been amicable and to my satisfaction. I am puzzled though as to whether this forum has more than it's fair share of bullshitters.

I've lost count of the number of times that I've responded via pm to a seller, only to receive no reply or a reply such as, "sorry, sold out. Pity you missed out 'cause they were nice fish at a good price. Perhaps next time eh?"

Now the above kind of response may have arrived after I'd posted within 2 minutes of the goods being posted for sale ie "bristlenose Qty: over 200"

Who is so lucky as to sell 200 bristlenose in less than 2 minutes of posting?

I can only conclude that:

a) The seller doesn't want to sell to me specifically

B) Possibly had 2nd thoughts about selling


c) Was simply bullshitting (for whatever reason) and never had the goods/fish in the first place?

If c, what reason could there possibly be for bullshitting? Ego? Status? "Look at me, I can breed plenty of fishies" :roll:

If you've genuinely sold your goods/fish then is it so hard to respond to subsequent inquiries?

Either way, it's poor form to advertise what you don't have or not to reply to a genuine interest. Reserve your right to sell to who you want by all means, but please show a little courtesy when someone shows an interest.


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Although at this stage I pretty much only keep tangs ( I had to massively downsize ) I have never struck this on this forum .

I myself have let someone down on a sale but that was because I had an accident and recieved a spinal injury ( Sorry Stacy )

But over all I have found the people on this forum pretty good an odd one here and there gives trouble - some items not quite as good as made out to be

but over all OK

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You should be able to rule out A)

If they did not like ya they simply put you on the ignore list and they would not receive messages from ya.

Dealing with Troublesome Users

Can I block posts, emails and messages from specific users?

If there are particular members that bother you and you do not want to see their posts or receive Private Messages and Emails from them, then you can add these members to your 'Ignore List'. There are several ways to do this:

Through your User Control Panel: User CP, Settings & Options, Edit Ignore List. Then, type their name into the empty text box and click 'Okay'.

So ya must be liked or....your not hated enough....lol

I have a couple on the ignore list - works for me.....I don't see their posts and they do not see mine - the forum looks good to me at the moment...lol

I can see ya post so you must be on the good side..

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You are going to get Bu!!$#!t artists on most forums and just about anywhere on the net their reasons vary but mostly I would say , attention seeking . As I posted earlier I have not had it impact directly on me . But the anonymity of the 'net guarantees that it is happening to someone at any given time .

These people can talk S#it without much by way of consequences so they do . If they are caught out they either re-register under another username or just go and troll another forum . There is little you can do about it but treat what is said with the proverbial "Grain of Salt " and just enjoy the rest of the forum and the people on here that are genuine and there are plenty of them.

Do not let a few D!C%heads stuff it up on you !

---- / Rant

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theres allways D or E.

D. they have posted up on several sites, this being the last. then gone back to review the other sites only to have a mass of PM's from people wanting them, so they sold oput quickly to multiple people.


E. (and this does happen) 1 person does buy the whole spawn. a guy up here is notorious for buying whole spawns and then re-selling them locally, so it does happen.

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Hey Kev,

I hope our dealing was good ;) hehe. Totally agree with you, I think there's alot more BS goin on round here (got stuffed around alot when i sold all my breeding tanks at the start of the year, still regreting it :(), hence why I don't really attend this site too much any more.. Still alot of knowledgable people on here and good sellers/buyers. Try focus on the good deals and think of the bad ones as there loss "HAHAHA..... I would have bought your fish plus more when I picked them up :egrin:." This is what I use to tell myself but I'm a bit on the weird side................


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Well folks, thanks for the answers but I really do believe that these folk are simply bullshitters. It's the same folk over and over again, and I've watched 'em re-post other fish for sale that I'm not interested in,...............someone answers 'em on the forum, and then there's no response. Now if they're dealing with other folk via pm, after a non-response on the forum, then why haven't they dealt with me via pm. No.................I'm not paranoid enough to think it's me that they don't want to deal with, I think most of them are truly bullshitters. They post the most basic of questions and a couple of weeks later they've got a gazillion juvies for sale. I'm just puzzled as to what they get out of it..............?????????????????

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or F,

they work 7days like me and when they get home all they want to do is have a few and hit the sack then goto bed haha. and dont have the time to login every day/night just to sell some cheap fishies.

If you post a FS ad the least you can do is check it

That's just common sense !


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