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ChrisG's Dwarf Biotope

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Hi guys,

I have been doing a bit of hanging out with ChrisG lately and I finally convinced him to scrap his cray tank in for a biotope.

I said I would scape it for him so we threw something together in less than 10 minutes from empty tank to full with water :)

Here was the outcome for a 10 min job;


Things may change if it does not look good once its cleared up and tannin water otherwise it will stay like that.

There needs to be a layer of peat, and also a layer of ketapang leaves on the bottom still.



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Thanks guys. Yep did not take long at all. Basically I was chucking it in and that was it. I knew where everything was to go. Good old melaleuca cannot look bad too haha especially the good stuff.

Wait till you see the 4 x 2 x 2 GEO tank that I started on today to scape by removing the substrate and done a 15 minute job scaping it today outside of the tank waiting for water to clear :)

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You ruined ChrisG's biotope thread now :(

What are you doing!!!!! hahahaha

Anyways yes Luke that tank is a fricken mess. What did you do to it!!! Just joking. Bloody tight ass with the substrate :P

Anyways thanks guys :) It was mainly orientated around two things:

1. Making sure the fish were extremely happy and active and brought out the best in the fish and also a possibility to breed

2. Making sure it was a good biotope

I think we succeeded I hope! It was only a rough 10 min job so I hope it looks good haha.

Fish list will be 3 x apistogramma cacatuoides (only the finest ones available in qld :))

20 x ember tetras or 20 x golden pencilfish

breeding colony of 8 corydoras sterbai

4 otocinclus

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Ok stocking is now

8 strebai cories (breeding colony)

6 apistogramma cacatuoides (3 pairs)

Should i add say 15-20 purple pencil fish aswell.

Keeping in mind that right now (3 days after putting these fish in the tank) they are all now breeding, i have eggs all over my glass as well as a female protecting eggs.

Sooooo exciting

Here are some pictures

Adam has some better pictures of the tank with no filters or anything in it that were taken for a comp but these were just my quick snaps on parents camera.




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Yer Adam, how much better is the tank now from when we took the photos :P God damit and now it is sooo much more brown but still crystal clear and this time you will get shots of the fish because they are hell active now.

I wonder why there active ,cause there having a rootin tootin good time in there new surroundings......LOL....

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