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Any luck at the auction?

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Hey Guys,

I was there fot the whole auctions. Lots of plants early, which slowed things up. There were some good bargins to be had. Display male africans ranging from $5-$15. Picked up some nice peppermint bristlenose for $23 a pair for 4.5-6 cm. Also got 6 electirc yellows for $12, 5 white knights for $10, 2 sailfin gippis 6-7cm for $20. There was a nice fronnie about 12cm that went for under $50.

It was a great night. lots of bargins, a few pass in and too many plants (in my opion LOL).

Thanks to the organisers and auctioneers for making it a great night.

Looking forward to the super auction in November.

Cheers Dale

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