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Aquarium club free dive collecting pics from recent trips.

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Just a little more South East Queensland Aquarium Society promotion as usual guys on our marine fish and invert collecting adventures in South East Q.

There have been a few trips since the last thread when I copy one or two of our pics on to here as we have from one to four trips per month on average.

This link is where all trip photos are kept.


These are one or two pics copied over from the clubs forum to hopefully promote the club,aandtsociety.

A cute little vroliki pearl scale angel that was quite a challenge to collect.

Lots of centropyge around the is year and a semi or two as well.


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Personally the sharks don’t interest me, others like them and it may sound silly but I find them boring compared to the diverse aquarium species and at times just annoying, especially from back in my spearing days.

A mate wanted to see them so there are two spots now that we know of where they are all year round in around a 100 feet of water so before going some where nice collecting some times we go to these spots for pics.

We went in there for a just a little while and while my mate was checking them out I was trying to get a good pic of a femininus wrasse that went under a large rock, when I pulled my head out of the little cavern under the rock the blotchy grey nurse was just above me and as I lifted my head up and nearly hit it.

See, they can be annoying!

The worst thing is to actually fear sharks, because they can feel the electricity through your nerves in your body that activates your muscles already a long ways off and can hear or feel your heart beat and if it accelerates they know your fear and fear brings on a sharks potential attack!

Except for the one in ten loony wobbies,all sharks can be scared off if no abundance of blood or pee (protein in the water) is around.

The corals thing, yes we get corals for our tanks in the legal areas, which is anywhere out side of marine parks, in fact my new reef tank is totally SEQ fish and corals we collected, nothing shop bought except dry goods.

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Any where from the gold coast to Coolum.

The sunshine coast is where we go for corals and that thread has pics from three standard trips i think?

Sorry mate we do not give out actual spots, they are for members only, but this is our dive page I made up for the club, it has most all SEQ dive spots from the tweed to noosa in it.

South East Queensland snorkelling and Scuba diving sites

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