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LFS Shopping expedition - Brisbane

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Ok so today we made our first trip up to Brisbane to visit Redlands Pet Centre and thought the service was fantastic and the savings great - was worth the trip. What a credit that shop is to Russ & his staff. Thank you so much for passing on the lovely savings to forum members - we saved $75 on our stock up today, so we were very happy indeed.

Also went to Smiths Aquarium at Boondall - Mark gave great service and lined me up with the Shego air pump (re: my other thread regarding noisy Eheim airpump and advice given to me from other forum members) - but I must say that his shop is amazing - I have never seen such a clean LFS anywhere - the tanks are all superb - not a drop of water anywhere (apart from in the tanks - LOL) - and the fish are all smiling I am sure !!!! All the stock was clean and well stocked - a credit to Mark to have such a lovely store & great service also. It really was worth the trip to Brisbane.

What a great day !!!

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