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Rhamphochromus "lake Chinlingala"

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yea their prices are bloody brutal. Google just let me down pretty bad, couldnt find the breeder selling them that I was actually refering too, BUT I did find the compeditor to those jokers.

LAKE MALAWI, Cichlidsdirect - Cheap quality cichlids in Australia

No price unfortunately, but the spelling is just as bad.

What the heck happened? did everyone just cut and paste the same gobbly-goop?

Warning on the rhampho..... they are tricky to spawn and tricky to extract fry from.

Also very silver..... if you end up with fry, sell them as Malawi baracuda... that was how I sold mine

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Thats me talking mate.

Bloody took me ages to trigger a spawn, and then ripped the fry to shreds on their mums teeth trying to flush them out.

Have faced the "what colour do they go when they are adults?" question a hundred times working in a lfs.

Until I just went with, they are savage open water predators that get on fine with other fish their own size.

Theres actually still a breeder with a colony of them in mount gravatt.

But yea he is pretty pro. They are good if ya want a challenge........

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Certainly something different.

Keep an eye on the boys, they can be rough on the girls hey.

okay will do. They are in a busy tank so that will help. Speaking of which how do you sex them? I have one that is more silver than the others and not so much yellow on the fins and 2 that seem to have a light gold sheen to them with very yellow fins. A trio maybe but which way?

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thanks bro,

gotta laugh though - fish shop guy tells me completely opposite despite my questioning - he assurred me males are the dull ones. Nway we'll see how we go. have alot of other grey fish in there with them so maybe that girl can be the hide and seek champion lol.

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im thinking if you breed them maybe its best to let mum hold for natural term in her own seperate tank until she spits...might be the key to not shredding the fry...personally not a fan of the all silver look but their cool barracuda looks and predatory nature are slowly winning me over :eyebrows:...

yeh they are plain compared other predators, but if they are the variant I think they are then they will remain quite small 100mm to 150mm. So that means no 8ft tank is needed! But srsly in a tank full of malawi colour these guys stand out, males have a crazy mirror like reflection, almost like a silver arrow.

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Been looking into these guys a little more and well looks like theres a few variants(which instantly worries me as shops seem to get misled with info etc)....

SO this is what I found:

R. brevis

R. ferox

R. esox

R. leptosoma

R. longiceps

R. lucius

R. macrophthalmus

R. chilingali (dwarf variety)


R. woodi

Any fishheads out there should chime in and maybe show some variants they have or the fish they keep and what variant they believe it is??...So Im guessing from the info above that theres 2 varieties we can definitely get here??? :noidea:

Some eye candy...this thread needs some eye candy! :dance::pop2:






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PS Im giving up on pursuing any of the varieties :faint:...this is one fish that looks very similar across the board(so google aint helping...and the same images pop up regularly for "different" fish :faint:..you would have to go to the white coats on these ones) so maybe just malawi baracuda as the Don said(which is most likely one of the two varieties pictured above as they seem the most common in the game..especially the macrophthalmus who get the yellow on the fins etc) and then the dwarf malawi baracuda :noidea:..who would be these chilingali guys...its crazy when you find these fish which are a bit of an unknown or come with little info even from the scientific side of things...theres a few varieties of fish out there where you could become a "guru" if you were keen and had the love...who knows hey they find another little rhamp. and give you the name :humble:...rhamphochromis kasmani..:humble:..has a nice ring to it :eyebrows: ha ha :eyebrows:

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Cool to see some of the big guys..they almost have a cross between baracuda features and hap features...becoming more interesting by the minute(or image :dance:)

And yep i think they are labelling the same fish as different variants...from the images I'm seeing...

Hows this big R.Esox...sexy mofo's when adult :pop2:


Its like a cross between an eyebiter and your nigriventer etc

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