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Have kept, bred, raised and passed on babies to others in the past.

But my experiences with them are rather different to most peoples. We have a few staff at pet city that have kept them.

We dont usually have them on hand but can order them in. My favourites are the WA reef octopus because they are nice and stripey a lot of the time.


They are tiny and can kill you.

Get a nice big octopus instead. BUT it will die in a year or so.

thats the way the cookie crumbles man.

tell me about your tank.

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hmmm... should mention my last octopus died after being sucked into a tunze wavemaker. Making me feel/look like a n00b. I knew better and still put it in there. Dammit.

I will find some pictures of my last one and upload them. He was dam good value, especially when he was fighting cats thru the glass.

Here are a few pictures of one we called mum, these shots are probably 7 years old now





She produced a LOT of eggs, and sadly died as they hatched.

Its a full time job finding enough live food for a hundred young octopus.

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Deadfishfloating - Hey mate,

I haven't bought the tank yet. Kinda wanted to know what size is required. I really want to make it a cube, but if I cant, it doesn't matter at all.

How much am I looking at to get an octopus and what are the appropriate things I need for the marine tank?

thanks mate

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Would be fine in a 2 foot cube mate.

You need gravel, marine water, and a filter

then add liverock and cycle it (about 6 weeks)

then order in octopus, price depends on supplier but less than $100

then you will need to weekly buy it live food

so a good idea to setup a tank to keep feeders alive in

nothing fancy really

depends who ya talk to about lids as to their advice on that.

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