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Stock Arrival!

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Bivittitum Lagos


Gardneri Gold

P-82's Steel Blue

Betta Ocellata (Colouring up nicely)

Betta Smaragdina - Nice! I have them in the fully planted Eheim tank to grow a little.

Also got more Chalinochromis - this time Popelini.

Oh and someone was asking about Bumblebee Cats. I got some, but I want to fatten them up first they came in a little skinny. *sigh*

The Killis are nice and fat though! I think I have the perfect tank for the lagos :-P

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I'll get more - I have had more than dozen silvers in the last 6 months, not to mention a massive Red Tailed Gold. The last silvers I had to sell for less than cost I had them that long - tank space was at a premium.

The next dragons I have in will probably be natives. Although I am on a waiting list for a pure cherry red. Before you ask his asking price will be in the $8K-10K ranging. When it comes to exotics - everyone wants to look but no-one wants to pay the prices. Especially in our Brisbane market. I don't mind sitting on them for awhile, but once I have had something in and its sat around for awhile, I won't get more for at least 3 to 6 months. Like our stingrays, we had them for over a year - they sat around for so long I sold them for less than cost! Staff ended up buying them!

That post sounds complaining and I don't mean it to be. I'm just explaining my "cycle" of exotics availabilities :)

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nice marine section ,love the yellow box fish (not that marine is my thing ) was snooping in there today

Oh yeah they are so cute. Sometime I amuse myself and think that they remind me of little lollies swimming in the tanks. Have you ever seen one all grown up? They are weird and silver - not what I consider an attractive fish! We always make sure to warn people, their faces are so sad when we show them a picture 8O

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Everyone 'wants' em but nobody wants to part with their $$$

Last lot of Senegal bichir's I had I basicly gave away & had to deliver them just to move them on!

Still spewing I missed out on that ekka day special on the arrows, would have been the one & only day the misses would have said yes.

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