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DIY Macropore Fry Filter

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Hey guys, i got home a couple nights ago wondering... how do I keep this fry tank nice and clear, not that ugly colour thanks to food and poo. Yes i know, constant water changes... BUT if there were a way to keep the water constantly crystal clear without it would you do it? HELL YES!!!

Atm im using macropore on my fh tank, and dam does it work wonders! But i wondered how could i get that into action without using a powerhead on a bottle in my fry tank without losing any fry?

I didnt want to risk fry getting sucked up so i thought I would invent my own idea, it may have already been invented but i feel smart that i did this with no other inspiration except my own.

Here goes!

You will need:

Air filter

Air line Tubing

Sponge filter (mine is large)


Drill (knife as last resort)

Macropore (in its media bag)

1. Start off with a 1.5L water bottle, well rinsed with hot water.


2.Cut the bottle with scissors as I have so basically the top half is just the cone and the bottom starts to become narrow at the top.


3. Use a drill (or sharp knife, just be careful dont stab yourself in the finger like I did lol) and make some holes approx 7mm - 1cm wide.


4. Test that you can squeeze the cone in and that it wont fall out unless pulled.


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5. Get TWO elastic bands of decent size and knot them around the top of the bottle like I have.


6. Take the bottle apart and place the macropore thats in its media bag (its usually white when brand new) inside the bottle.


7. Now when thats all done, get the tubing thats connected to your air pump and thread it through one of the holes from the base of the all the way through to the top, thread the air line through the plastic cylinder then connect the air line to the sponge filter, then connect the plastic cylinder as well. Now with the elastic bands pull them down and around the plastic base of the sponge filter, 1 on each side, and voila! It should look like this below:


After 20-23hrs ... Here is the result:


Hope this helps you all with raising your fry and keeping your water quality at 100%



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Yeah probably better to do that and also be reassured that its still good, i'd only had that in the other tank for about a month so i wasnt too worried about that though. Also since its an add on to the sponge filter theres no extra power required to run it :)

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