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My New System - 16 Tanks

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All up and Running after many Months of Construction ;-) Last part is the Automatic Water change System, waiting for the Plumber to come back and connect it all up.

16 Tanks 600x350x350

Lighting is 12V LED lighting to keep the Electricity Cost down

Added a Sink Unit next to the System to make cleanup easy.





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At the Moment top Row contains 6 Pure Strain Guppies, from $40 a Pair to $150 Pair strains.

Middle Row by accident has 5 Pairs of Blue Eye Cichlids all with Eggs/Babies

Bottom Row growing up my Kingsizei Fry and a few L numbers and BN types.

Also have groups of 5 of different Cories in each of the Top Row Tanks.

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Now that got my attention !

More info please - lots more !

Where from ?

did you do it yourself ?

Is it difficult to implement ?

Was it expensive ?

LOL ... Lighting is Remote Controlled, RGB so I can Dim the lighting, change from White to Blue etc ... Sold in 5 Metre Strips and roughly less then $50

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Nice neat looking setup there mate. More pics more pics.

Is everything new ?? When i see blue backs on tanks i start thinking i should go blue instead of black. But i still like black =)

Might check out that led lighting. Also need some form of solar heating. Not to sure how but i will find a way =)

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Good Old Ebay ;-)

5M Waterproof RGB SMD 5050 150 LEDs Strips+24 IR Remote | eBay

this ones for under $35 Delivered, but only 150LED's .. I prefer at least 300 to 600 LED's for more light

I just got two of these today.. what transformer do i use? I used one and there wasn't enough power... the next transformer was too much , ugh , Help!

I got the same ones as in the link... 36w?

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