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Crystal Red & Crystal Black Shrimp - male or female??

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hard to tell from those shots lol


I just googled

sexing crs

only for google to spit out

Man admits 'having sex' with 1,000 cars - Telegraph

thanks for that google.......

in other more related news

Crystal Red Shrimp and Sexing



Sexing of crystal red shrimps (CRS) can be done only at least three months old with confidence. At small, both sexes look like more like male. The differences are shown below:

Male Crystal Red Shrimp

* shorter abdomen

* longer atennules (the shorter pair of antennae)

* straighter carapace near rostrum

Female Crystal Red Shrimp

* thicker abdomen

* shorter atennules (the shorter pair of antennae)

* rounder carapace near rostrum

ShrimpNow !!! - Crystal Red Shrimp and Sexing

Sexing the Crystal Red Shrimp can be difficult at juvenile stage. Once females reach adulthood you can then tell the difference between sexes, or at least which are females. Females are easy to identify as they are larger and also have a curved underbelly. I do not believe that the difference in coloration is enough to truly sex this species. Instead look for size difference and more importantly the underbelly. The saddle of a female Crystal Red Shrimp may be virtually impossible to see due to the red coloration. You may however be able to see the saddle since it is a browning color. Photo of a pregnant Crystal Red Shrimp female below. Notice the curved under belly.


Crystal Red Shrimp .:. Caridina cantonensis sp. "Crystal Red" .:. Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp Species Information Page

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In the first pic a grade S tiger tooth

once grown, the females have an obvious saddle even when not berried.

Without better pics, they all look to be grade S and S+

This is one of the better resources for identifying features, but FYI it doesn't format correctly in Chrome or Firefox so you'll probably need to use internet explorer

ShrimpNow !!! - Crystal Red Shrimp Feature Guide

(on the other browsers the pictures to the right get cut off)

Also, this is a better grading guide then the one that is usually used

ShrimpNow !!! - Crystal Red Grading Guide

I was lucky enough to have some SSS 'no entry' hinomura but uh.... 'something' happened. Expensive meal.

Get some mineral rock if you don't have any yet, seems to help a lot retaining shrimplets

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