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Questions on Filtration, Heating and Lighting

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Im recently new to fish keeping, what i am trying to find out is

- What is the best filter for a 200L - 250L Tank?

- What is the best heater brand and model?

- What is the best Lighting? does coloured bulbs do anything to the fish? what about a remote dimming feature and whats best for power usage?

And if it makes much of a difference i own 2 GT's, 1-2 JD's (Soon), and a pleco.

if these can be answered thoroughly ill be greatly appreciative!



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Filters, Fluval 305 would be on the limit, 405 would be better, FX5 Best! I'm running the fx5 on my 4 foot tank, once I get the 6 footer it'll be going on that. Eheims aren't too bad, but my favs are the fluvals. Heaters get a good 300 watt.

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I too would suggest a Fluval .

But I believe a 305 would be fine - a 405 if you are going to stock it heavily .

I use a 205 on a 4 x 18 x 20 but it has 12 N.Caudopunctatus (smallish tangs ) the 305 was blowing the fry out of the nests .

So filtration depends on what you have in the tank more than the size of the tank .

As for heater Fluval , Jaeger or Aqua-one . all pretty good - I use some of each and the only issue is 1 of the Jaegers has a leak and the top has to be kept above the waterline .

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