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Ph and tetras

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Just some lady today had a go at me cos someone else told her not to worry about ph levels and that she'd be fine to add the tetras.

I tested her water and it was too dark for a normal ph test kit soooooo I used a high range ph test kit and it came up 7.8, I advised her against it and BAM! I got yelled at!

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but they only look their best when they breed.

You dont have to raise eggs to enjoy seeing your fish at their best.

I gave up raising rainbows ages ago, but I still try to see them do their morning spawns

because when they do it

they are incredibly beautiful.

glowlights GLOW almost when in spawning mode

and getting them in spawning mode is about getting water correct and good food

ya gotta make them comfortable

pH 7.8 is not comfortable

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