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One day i will look back on this and laugh.....

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I set up a salt tank about 1.5months ago and have had fish in it for almost a month.

Today i decided it is time to finally invest in some really nice fish as my tank is ready for it. catch is for these nice fish i had to fork out abit of cash and start feeding them some good food (fish meat or somthing).

Long story short, thismorning i accidentally put to much fish meat in the tank when i fed the fish (directly after adding 3 fish) and i had to go to work.

Get home 5ish hrs later and the tank looks like a suicide bomber had blown up in it. It was cloudy as and all the fish are on the bottom of the tank gasping. The damsels were upside down floating in the current (altho still alive). Did an ammonia test and it was up around the 2 mark.

i thought sh*t i had planned to get some seawater tomorrow so i didnt have any on hand. I quickly made up some water using salt (the right stuff) and tape water. Let it sit for about 30mins while i tryed to figure out what to do.

In the end i jumped in my car and drove 30mins each way to the nearest seaway and got 40L of sea water and came home and did a 75% water change. The ammonia is around 05-1 now. The fish look alittle better now (altho i lost 1 damsel) but its still early days.

Fingers crossed they will survive the night.

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