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quick grabbed shots

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The multispinosa were getting it on this morning so I just had to capture the male's colour.

Not brilliant pics as I shot with only the tank lights and thought I might as well shoot some of the other fishies whilst I was at it............best I could get was 30th sec wide open at iso1600 so very soft and with plenty of noise due to cropping and iso.

These multispinosa take some beating for colour


Satan was pacing backwards and forwards as usual



Female festae not at her best as I'd just woke her up


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A scar..................he's a lid buster.................frightens me to death when I go to feed 'em!!!!!!!!

Yeh they are good fun when it comes to hand feeding aren't they Kev lol.

I still cant get over how nice the girl looks, makes me wanna ditch my geos and get another pair


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wow, nice multispinosa, never herd about them let alone see a picture of one.

Vastly under-rated mate and can change colour and markings remarkedly to suit other inhabitants and environment. Smith's had some in with pakistani loach and the buggers ended up looking like convict hybrids 8O:egrin:

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Now this a freaking awesome shot man. Depth of field works really well there with the little wrigglers in the foreground. Love it.

And nice to see you slumming it with the rest of us, "tanks lights only" ...:P

:egrin: :egrin:

just too bloody lazy to set the flash up mate :egrin:

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