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2 x IBC uncut

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i think both r plastic, but can check in the morning for you,

we had 3 but swapped one away,

2 came from lungy and had food grade oil in it, but i'll check tomorrow,

we bought these with the idea firstly to turn them into grow out tubs and lungy told us 100% they were safe, just needed a quick clean,

the 3rd one came from fiik via another member and we were also told that it would be safe for fish, just needed a clean,

not sure which one we swapped, lol,

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If he doesnt take the plastic base one, and it is food grade, I will take it... The metal base is no good with marine as it rusts and reacts with lime in concrete. PM me if the other guy doesnt take it



will do..................

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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