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WTB 2ft TANK or bigger

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Ok guys I'm new to this forum so go easy on me, I'll try my hardest to get this thread all right.

Basically I'm chasing tanks from 2ft and upwards as I recently moved and the (romovalist company) dropped my tank even though I have insurance to cover the broken tank it doesn't help me atm as I have many of my fish residing in mates tanks all over Brisbane.

I don't have endless amounts of money for the flash set ups so I'm basically chasing any thing thats cheap under 100$ that has NO leaks, HOLDS water and comes with lids as I don't want to wake in the morning with 2grands worth of fish on the floor.

North Side of BRISBANE please guys as I'm new here and don't really know the town yet.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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