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FS 6foot 3 Tier Fully Plumbed with sump Breeding System + Breeding ALBINO LF & MORE

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Hey guys,

Selling my 6 foot 3 tier breeding set up.




four 2x2x18H one 4x2x18H and one 4x2x40cmH all with lids all 2 footers have sliding lids 4x2x18 4months old


Painted box metal the top shelf has a 6x2 platform but I put a 4 footer and two shelves which can be pulled off.


3x20x18 has 4 baffles

1st chamber Drip/wetdry has Dacron medium sponge and Bio Cubes

2nd Chamber ~6L Eheim Substrat Pro (new)

3rd Chamber ~6 Seachem Matrix (new)

4th Chamber empty can fit Jager 300w heater

5th Chamber 8000L/H Energy Efficient Pump 60w (Used for 5-10 mins)


Hailea ACO-2208 30l/h Plumbed into 20mm PVC with 3-4 air outlets to each tier. 1 sponge filter per each 2feet and 1 or 2 free for home made egg tublers.


2x300w Jager 1 new 1 twelve months old


9 - Sponge filters some new in box

12-13ish pieces of Drift wood (1-2 still leaching but great for BN and L's and softening water)

Anubias Plants some on wood some floating around 5

Java Moss about a Tennis balls if not bigger size

Indian Almond Leaves

Slate for caves or decorations look great

50L Bucket for water change

2x20L Buckets for water change and picking up transporting fish

2 Battery operated airpumps

2-3m of airhose

3/4 of a bottle of 500ml Prime

Tubing PVC clear black poly

PVC Cement


1.5kg Algae Wafers

small amount of flake and NLS 3mm pellets

Hand pump syphon

Will list other things when I remember




Trio Albino LF Bristlenose 1m 2f

LF BN Fry 50ish

Common LF Bristlenose 2m6f

Cherry Red Shrimp 100

Platnum Mosaic Guppies 1 pair 10fry

If you take the LOT with Fish before of on this weekend $1200

Open to offers no time wasters I've sold the fish 3 times over no one has come to get them. Will split fish but at this stage want to keep system together.

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Thanks mate!!

A lot of people have asked about the PVC with black nipples sticking out of them. This is for the Air. The is stuck to the back of the stand fits perfectly around the back of the frame. The Air is all plumbed the silicon air tubing attaches to the black nipples. You can add more or block them if needs be.

It's a pretty clean setup better looking at it in person as the pics don't do it justice.

THe water is just because it had a heap of Indian Almond Leave and some leaching Driftwood as you can see by the other tanks the water is fine.

Albino LF's are on hold


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