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tips on breeding yellows

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breeding yellows is like waking up in the morning its going to happen. the boys get the black dorcel fin. when ther small they can be hard to sex my method and i think the no fus way get urself abt 15-20 (not from shop a breeder $5 tops at 5-6cm) straight away u should be able to pick ur dominant boy and maybe the sub dom aswell. pick ya sub out put him in a tank if u can't find the sub pull the dom out u'll have another turn up in no time ther like mob bosses. might seem simple from here as u get mouth fulls put them in the other tank with the male u pulled earlier as the numbers thin and u get as many girls as u want pull the male out and put with ur keepers (now u have 2 males aka the pool guy) and trade or sell what u don't want.

when i had yellows i got 50 bargain price good stock did this method to have a colony 25 i found the girls i got where the biggest and bred the most. i didn't keep the boys sold the rest as undetermined number female colony made my money back and got 3 boys from a different bloodlines. %25 water change every week and i don't think a week passed when i wasn't milking 2-3 yellows.

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