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Overflow boxes

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I'm looking at overflow boxes as I want to sump my six foot tank.

Is there a way to make them syphon themselves when the power comes back on after a black out?

Tank is 6 by 2 by 2, any size/product recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Have googled around but would love to hear/see what you have used.


Tank is already set up so I don't want to drill

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they allways keep a vacuum so should startup again...however they are only semieffictive as sometimes they get a leak and lose the vacuum, so you get overflowing, also they can be noisier then a plumbed tank and they are har to full clean and are prone to blocking.

much easier & piece of mind to drain the tank enough to move it away from the wall and drill & plumb the back.

an external Durso would be you best bet.

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Damn expensive things! I was in the same boat as you matey & decided that it was going to cost to much & stuffing around. I just drained 50% (maybe not even that much) & got Dan (neyund2) around to drill & plumb my tank up, really glad I did as it cost be bugger all & is a way better system instead of stuffing around with overflow boxes.

Just my 2c, good luck mate.

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I'd just build a Herbie

Herbie pvc overflow - Google Search

cheap and been done a million times.

theres heaps of walk thrus on the net on them.

Kinda started on reef central and then went viral.

strange looking cluster of pipes... but its actually very simple.

Remember how weird a gravel vac seemed at first?

Or how strange a b/n looked?

A herbie is the same sorta thing.......

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